Have you checked your First Aid Kit lately?

Is it dirty, untidy, overstocked, or run down?


We are an Australian Company, we and our people are dedicated to giving you the purchaser the best possible service in an open, honest and friendly manner so that we can build a relationship with you based on trust, we can then earn your business for the long term. This will make your First Aid requirements one area of business management where you donít have to constantly monitor the activity and costs associated with it. To achieve this, we use a quote sheet based on the Workplace Health and Safety requirements listed in your Workplace Health and Safety Journal, set out in much the same manner as it is in the Journal, so as to help avoid any confusion between yourself, your staff and our people.



When we have written a quotation to supply a new kit or completed a service and quote on your existing First Aid Kit we present this quote to the person responsible, they peruse the quote and make any alterations necessary to suit your requirements. Once we receive a go ahead, we pick the stock from our vehicle, empty the kit, clean it, restock it in a manner that will make it easy to find things if an accident should occur, we replace any damaged First Aid stickers and warning labels and if necessary we can fit a Certificate to show when and how often the Kit is serviced.



The invoice is written and presented immediately so it can be checked to make sure that what stock was ordered, supplied and invoiced for are the same, so there is no risk of things being found wrong later.

WE GUARANTEE that if you believe that you have been supplied with any products above what you feel you need, we will take back any unopened and undamaged product and refund your money within 7 days of invoice date.



If you wish we can do a Workplace Risk Assessment free of charge, we have no service charge, no minimum purchase price, no delivery charge and you or your responsible person tells us what to do. If you require a regular recall, we can put you into our customer tracking system on our computer and you will be called on as often as you request at no calling cost. 



You will find that our total invoice value is almost always less than you can buy elsewhere because we do not over stock you and our prices are very good. Free call us on 1800 178 243 and ask for a Free Service and we will quote your needs and Iím sure you will not be disappointed.


Brenda Skene


A1 First Aid Supplies





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