A1 FIRST AID SUPPLIES PTY LTD First Aid Kits are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Approval No: 151158


A1 First Aid Supplies Pty Ltd is a Queensland owned company selling First Aid Kits and Products primarily to businesses and industries. Our representatives are based out in the field from Sunshine Coast through Brisbane, west to Toowoomba and south to the Gold Coast. We also provide first aid products to other areas of Australia as requested.

We provide a Restocking Service, FREE of charge, at regular intervals (if required) to maintain the First Aid Kits to Workplace Health and Safety requirements. We do not overstock kits and our prices are very competitive.

The Kits we sell fulfill Workplace Health and Safety requirements and range from Business, Industry, Construction, Mining, Commercial Kitchen, Vehicle, Marine, Home, Boat, Caravan or Remote kits and can be customised to your needs.


Snake Bite Kit

Snake Bite Indicator Bandage





Heartsine Model 500P


Suitable for:

Workplaces, Public Places



  • Easy to Use

  • Voice Prompts and Flashing Lights guide the user

  • Immediate feedback to the user on speed and depth of compressions and breaths

  • Stores data of the event that can be downloaded to computer

  • 4 yrs battery life on standby

  • Adult or Child pads available

Suitable for:

  • Work Environments

  • Shopping Centres

  • Sporting complexes

View video - Use Defibrillator


Kit Pictures & Contents on this website are representative only. Alternative brands/items may be substituted from time to time depending on availability of boxes/stock.




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